How to make stories friend to your child

Once upon a time, there was a… excited about the story already? Alas, I will not be telling a story today but will introduce you to this magical world where you’ll understand the extent to which storytelling can help change a person’s life. What do you think about the concept of stories? Be it a fairytale, fantasy, horror, or any genre you like. Does it take your mind away from reality into a new world?


Storytelling is as old as the human race. Imagine the cavemen being so enthusiastic to tell stories that they would use a stick or rock as a pen and mud or walls for paper. Many times we forget names and faces or what we learned in high school but a good story? We never forget.

Those who tell the stories rule the World


From the cavemen, novelists to movie producers all of them tell a story. Excluding the professional aspect of it, telling stories is one of the urges a human cannot resist. We will always crave stories because that is how we make sense of the world.

Grandfather sharing stories with Granddaughter

I remember when I was a child, my grandfather would take me for a long walk over beach while he would recite a story. His stories had a different charm, I could feel every word he would say. It was full of emotions, so vividly stated that I felt I was in that story. Keeping the fun part aside, now when I look back at those days I realised the impact his storytelling had on me. The words he used were so profound, his style was so mesmerising and there was a different appeal in his voice. It reflected experience and confidence with a touch of affection. You can say that I am being biased because I am talking about my cute grandpa. This is the power of storytelling. It instills another level of confidence and experience in a person.

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